What does KORE deliver?

Our curriculum, is designed to provide expertise in critical areas that all travel professionals need in order to prosper in this rapidly changing industry. This in-depth experience is self-paced and delivered in a blended-learning format built around three college-level online textbooks and related workbooks, plus extensive online videos focused on real-world, real-work experiences. ​

Throughout the KORE curriculum, you will be challenged to complete exercises that will test your knowledge and understanding of the material. You will also be presented with opportunities to earn valuable rewards for reaching milestones. 

Upon successful completion of the course and the Travel Agent Proficiency Exam, you will receive a graduation package that includes your certificate of completion and a commemorative gift honoring your accomplishment.

You will also have the opportunity to take advantage (the KORE advantage) of placement within the networks of American Marketing Group.




The Keys to Making Money Selling Travel

Not only are you studying to become a travel professional, you also must understand the principles of running a business. We provide a very practical look at the business side of travel and how to make money in your new profession.


The Travel Industry Players

Suppliers, retail agencies, hosts, distributors, ICs and DMCs … what do they all do and how do you fit in? This module focuses on the makeup of the industry and the role of the travel agency and travel consultant.


The Art of Selling Travel

There are a certain set of skills required to be able to differentiate you from your competition. This module will take you on the journey from understanding and listening to customers wants and needs all the way to creating the dreams and memories they desire and on to them being your biggest fans.


The Art of Specialized Selling

While you are well on your way to becoming a successful seller of travel, it’s time to understand the many different types of sales/markets and niches that exist.  It’s important to learn the basics in a wide variety and this may be the path you continue with, the “Jack of All Trades” advisor.  However, there are also very lucrative specific markets or “niches” that you can hone in on to carve your place in this industry.


Wheels Up

Air is a major piece of the travel puzzle, so it’s important for you to understand the product from both a consumer perspective (like different classes of service), as well as an operational angle (such as how airline costs are determined). This Insider Insight tackles a range of topics in the air space, including how to make money selling air.


Check In, Please!

Accommodations, lodging, hotels and resorts…regardless of the term, hospitality is one of the largest segments in the travel industry. It’s also one of the most rapidly changing products in your business mix. In this chapter, we will review the hottest trends in accommodations, the major characteristics that affect pricing and most importantly, the information needed when making a hotel reservation.


Beyond a Bus Trip

Escorted, independent, motor-coach or land-based tours are marketed quite differently than cruises and hotels. This real-world review explores the various types of tours and helps you identify the right tour for the right customer. You’ll also learn how this product has evolved since its early days dating back to the 1840s.


Sailing to Success

With celebrity godmothers, champagne christenings, and over-the-top ship décor, cruising is the “glam darling” of the travel industry. But there’s much more to it than the bells and whistles. Pairing the right cruise with the right customer requires the right skills – and a lot of practice. This module will help you navigate the world of ocean and river cruising and will teach you the nuances and cover popular destinations and itineraries.


More than Wheels

Whether your client’s a millennial traveling solo or a multi-gen family traveling through  Europe, ground transportation is a staple in nearly every vacation, yet it’s often overlooked by both the seller (that’s you) and the buyer (your client). This module will focus on product knowledge and insider tips about rental cars, chauffeur services and rail travel. Not only will you understand how ground transportation can enhance your client’s vacation, but you will also learn how to grow your bottom line with some proven solutions from an industry expert.


Sales and Service, Be Professional

As you’ve been learning, travel is a business and whether you’re considering becoming an Independent Contractor or frontline advisor, it’s crucial to understand the basics of marketing and sales. This module explores the highlights of both roles as they relate to the retail travel operation.


Mastering Methods of Communication

Whether it be fulfilling your clients’ needs and dreams, discussing details and itineraries with multiple parties, or inspiring intrigue within your audience, success depends on effective communication. The successful travel advisor must understand each form of communication available and which is required for each set of circumstances. Equally important is to comprehend that each party may have their own preferred channel of communication, and accommodating those preferences accordingly. Social media also plays a large role in communication and once mastered, can produce optimum opportunity and benefit.


How Technology Enhances Your Role

One of the skill sets necessary to be successful in sales, is understanding the technology available to you.  Comprehending what to use and when and why to use them, continues to enhance your knowledge along the way by providing a full scope of information and offering opportunities for supplier/product comparisons and alternatives.  Customer database platforms also keep you in the know with your clients and contribute greatly to that proactive selling approach.


Industry Compliance and Fraud Protection

Being a true professional brings with it your responsibility to know and understand various industry specific rules, regulations and “duty of care” responsibility to your supplier partners and clients. Learn how to not only protect yourself against potential litigation, but also how to protect your client’s financial security and personal privacy.


Your Search For Employment, and Being a Successful Candidate

It’s time to take your interest and passion and find your place in this vast industry.  Understand how to create a realistic self-assessment, prepare a professional portfolio, and clarify your goals when determining your best path.


What a Day in the Life of a Travel Advisor is REALLY Like

In this lively and candid discussion, you’ll learn from an industry veteran and agency owner what’s ahead for you in this business. You’ll also get tips on what an owner/manager is looking for in an Independent Contractor and frontline advisor.

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